Trading Fees

Experience the satisfaction of trading with a discount broker committed to offering you lowest-cost trading.

We believe in providing transparent and fair trading fees to our clients.

Here is an overview of our trading fees:


We charge a competitive commission on trades. The commission can vary depending on the instrument and the volume of the trade.


Our spreads are competitive and are determined by our liquidity providers. Spreads can vary depending on the instrument and market conditions.

Overnight Swap Charges

We apply overnight swap fees to positions held overnight. These fees may vary depending on the instrument and the trade's direction.

Inactivity Fee

We impose an inactivity fee on accounts that have remained dormant for a specific duration.

Other Fees

We may charge other fees for certain services such as wire transfer, deposits and withdrawals.

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If you have any inquiries regarding our trading fees or require further details, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Our team of experts is readily available to offer comprehensive information and address any queries you may have.